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Coyne's All-American Team: NCAA Division II June 4, 2014 Division II added a third team to its All-American roll this spring, expanding the field to 51 players. Jac Coyne narrows it down to 13 players.... READ ENTIRE POST
Coyne's All-American Team: NCAA Division III June 4, 2014 The D-III All-American team actually trimmed 13 spots off of last year's high-water mark of 146, but it's still too many. Jac Coyne narrows the team to just 13 players.... READ ENTIRE POST
The 2012 Loss Fuels Limestone's Title May 25, 2014 This edition of the Saints has a completely different feel from the '12 edition that might have been more talented, but the experience carried over in Limestone's win.... READ ENTIRE POST
Schoenhut's Loss Can't Slow Tufts Juggernaut May 25, 2014 An injury last weekend robbed Chris Schoenhut -- the nation's lead goal-scorer -- of a chance to be on the field on Sunday. But the Jumbos ability to replace him and his presence on the sidelines is a testament to the Tufts run.... READ ENTIRE POST