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D2 Conference Snapshot: Western Intercollegiate October 23, 2014 It's been a wild offseason for the WILA, including teams leaving, programs folding, schools adding and brand new coaching staffs. Is there a little peace somewhere in the near future for lacrosse's frontier schools?... READ ENTIRE POST
D2 Conference Snapshot: Sunshine State October 23, 2014 Tampa's run to the national semifinals was a nice start to the Sunshine State Conference's existence, but are there headwinds in store for Florida's finest?... READ ENTIRE POST
D2 Conference Snapshot: South Atlantic October 22, 2014 The inaugural SAC campaign got off to a roaring start with Queens earning an NCAA bid. It's a solid beginning, but this league has a ways to go before it can be considered a power conference.... READ ENTIRE POST
D2 Conference Snapshot: ECAC October 21, 2014 The ECAC had its tourney berths trimmed from three in '13 to one last year. And that team couldn't make it out of the quarterfinals. What can the league expect this spring?... READ ENTIRE POST