Recent Posts re: NCAA Division I Women
McNelis: A Meaningful Senior Day at BC April 14, 2014 Kelly McNelis couldn't believe it was time for her Senior Day. The Eagles emerged victorious against Virginia Tech.... READ ENTIRE POST
Munoz: Treating the Statistics Headache April 7, 2014 Cardinal goalie Lyndsey Munoz writes about the anguish she felt after making just one save in Stanford's loss to Denver. And how she plans to overcome it.... READ ENTIRE POST
Munoz: Our Cold (But Valuable) Spring Break April 2, 2014 Stanford spent spring break in colder climates, but it paid off, writes Cardinal goalie Lyndsey Munoz.... READ ENTIRE POST
McNelis: BC 'Out for Wins'; Big Week Ahead February 24, 2014 The Boston College women's lacrosse team is off to a strong start to the season and hopes to keep it going.... READ ENTIRE POST
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