June 18, 2014

Lacrosse 15 Video Game Makers Looking for Support

by Brett Amadon | LaxMagazine.com | Twitter

'Tis the season for video game covers. With summer now fully underway, many gaming fans have been waiting and watching as Madden 15 recently announced Richard Sherman as its cover athlete, and the NHL set to reveal who will grace the NHL 15 package on June 24 during the 2014 NHL Awards show. The excitement is ultimately building up to each games respective fall release date. Will a lacrosse game be joining them along the shelves in the near future?


Carlo Sunseri, the founder of Crosse Studios, the creator of more than ten lacrosse video games including most recently Lacrosse Arcade 2014, announced that Lacrosse 15 for PlayStation, Xbox, and the PC could be in development this year and be in stores in the spring of 2015 if the company can acquire enough funding.

Currently accepting donations on the fundraising site Lacrosse15.com (via crowdsource page Indegogo), Crosse Studios' goal is to raise $75,000 with a stretch goal of $115,000, a number that would allow the game to be played with high-quality graphics on the Xbox and PlayStation level.

"Obviously, building a lacrosse video game takes a lot of money and that's why we are running the campaign," Sunseri said. "We can't do it without the support of the lacrosse community."

The campaign is open until July 10 and has currently raised $31,021.

In order to help people who want a lacrosse game feel comfortable about donating, Sunseri and Crosse Studios have made the pledge that if the site doesn't reach its goal, every donator will get a refund. In addition, for each person you refer to pledge $55 or more to Lacrosse 15, Crosse Studios will give you an $11 reward if the Indiegogo campaign is successful.

"Essentially, if you know five people who want a lacrosse video game and they use your link to sign up and pledge, you can get your copy of Lacrosse 15 for free," Sunseri said.

As the creator of games such as College Lacrosse 12, Sunseri said the funds would give Crosse Studios the ability to elevate its lacrosse game to new heights.

"Lacrosse 15 would be ten times the quality of College Lacrosse 10, 11, 12 and NLL 10 and 11," Sunseri said. "Overall, the visual quality and realism of the player movement would be far superior. It will be the 'next level' game we all have been waiting for."

In particular, the funding would allow Crosse Studios to capture shooting motions with real lacrosse players to create the most realistic animations.

However, unlike video game franchises such as FIFA, NHL, or Madden, which have been in development for well over a decade by EA Sports, many publishers believe that the lacrosse market is too small for a next generation lacrosse video game.

Regardless, with lacrosse being the fastest growing sport in America, Sunseri said a lacrosse video game will be in retail stores in the very near future.

"I know a lacrosse video game will go retail in the next two years," Sunseri said. "That's my mission, to see the day when a kid can walk into GameStop and pick up a game of lacrosse that's sitting right next to Madden."

Guess the next question is: Who would be on the cover?

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