July 24, 2014

About Lacrosse Magazine

Lacrosse Magazine, owned and published by US Lacrosse, the national governing body of men’s and women’s lacrosse, is circulated to over 400,000 members of the organization as one of the benefits of membership.

Lacrosse Magazine Mission Statement

Lacrosse Magazine connects the sport's community, educates players, coaches and officials, entertains fans and keeps the membership of US Lacrosse informed.

In the Latest Issue — August 2014

Lacrosse Magazine: August 2014

COVER STORY – The Rise of the Iroquois Women

US Lacrosse Native American Scholarship winner and 2013 Haudenosaunee women's World Cup player Alie Jimerson is a rising star among the women's game. Can she shape the vanguard among native women's players? 
by Megan Schneider 


Nike/USL High School Wrap

Boys' Latin (Md.), led by coach Bob Shriver, and MdDonogh (Md.) took the top spots in our final 2014 boys' and girls' rankings, respectively. LM honors players of the year and the top teams from every corner of the country.

Final Top 25: Boys | Girls



30 Over 30

Think pro lacrosse is a young man's game? We celebrate the top 30 players over the age of 30, like Denver Outlaws faceoff man Anthony Kelly, 2014 Team USA captain Kevin Leveille and 28 other serious players.
by Brett Amadon, Phil Shore and Neil Stevens 

A Bad Experiment

The game needs to be faster. No need for a scrum after every goal. Too much cheating. Sound familiar? The faceoff has long been a hot topic. In 1979, the NCAA eliminated it, but the move lasted just one season.
by Corey McLaughlin 


From the Editor: More Than A Game
His Space: Evan's Essence


World-class athlete Michael Warrdian has lacrosse in his heart, having gone from the fields of Michigan State University to the slightly longer path of ultra-marathons.

Your Edge
Loyola and Charlotte Hounds attackman Justin Ward shows off his power moves, while Mikaela Rix shares tips on the draw control that helped lead her and Boston College to the NCAA quarterfinals. Shane Rye keeps you playing this summer and Charlie Obermayer calls all stripes.

Give and Go
Chazz Woodson is an electrifying talent and strong motivator. He wants to leave a mark on the game of lacrosse besides his already prodigious highlight reel.

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Now in its 35th year, Lacrosse Magazine is available only to members of US Lacrosse as one of the many benefits of membership. Membership dues help US Lacrosse fuel the growth of the game nationwide. Join US Lacrosse today to start your subscription to Lacrosse Magazine.

Non-youth members receive all issues of the magazine. Youth members (age 14 and under) currently receive the February, March, April, May, July and October issues, but have the option to upgrade to all issues with their membership.

New members must join at least one month prior to an issue month in order to receive the next issue. For example, to receive the July issue, a member must join US Lacrosse before the address file is pulled from the database by June 1.

When quantities permit, additional copies or back issues of Lacrosse Magazine can be purchased through US Lacrosse. The cost of each issue is $5 for members and $6 for non-members, inclusive of postage. To inquire about quantities, please e-mail info@uslacrosse.org.

Some members have noticed that the address label on the magazine is now being printed upside down. This is not a printing error. This is a new requirement from the USPS for periodicals using co-mail (which we do). The only way to print addresses right-side up would be to move them to the back cover, which we do not favor doing at this time.

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With over 400,000 US Lacrosse members, Lacrosse Magazine is the perfect vehicle to reach the national lacrosse community. 

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Unsolicited story ideas, articles and photographs are welcome, as are "Letters to the Editor." Contact the Lacrosse Magazine staff here.

With some exceptions, Lacrosse Magazine uses the Associated Press style. Submissions should be written using a word processor software program (Microsoft Word is preferred) and e-mailed as an attachment to the editor. Be sure the subject of the e-mail reflects what type of submission is being sent. Please observe editorial deadlines.

Digital photographs should be submitted in the form of original, unedited JPEGs. Suggested captions are welcome. Photographs may be submitted via CD or e-mail. Prints also are accepted and are returned upon request. Photographer credit is published when supplied.

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Reproduction of any content within Lacrosse Magazine without the written consent of US Lacrosse and the writer, photographer or artist is prohibited.


Photographs appearing in Lacrosse Magazine remain the copyrighted property of the photographer and cannot be sold or distributed to individuals by US Lacrosse staff. Individuals interested in securing reprints of images that appear in LM should contact the photographer directly. Some photographers make their images available for redistribution. Others do not. There may be a fee involved in securing a reprint. The following LM photographers can provide reprints of their images for personal use only (no commercial use):

     * Joe Rogate — joerogate@aol.com
     * John Strohsacker — john@laxphotos.com 
     * Greg Wall — gewall11@aol.com
     * THSphoto.com/Steve DeMeo — www.thsphoto.com   

Lacrosse Magazine Online

US Lacrosse maintains Lacrosse Magazine Online (LMO) at www.laxmagazine.com. LMO features daily lacrosse news and scores directly from lacrosse-playing colleges. LMO also includes originally-produced features and news briefs covering all levels of play. Occasional feature articles printed in Lacrosse Magazine are re-published at LMO, and vice versa. The online component of Lacrosse Magazine will do things that a printed publication can’t – provide news, scores and information in a timely manner.

About Lacrosse Magazine and US Lacrosse

As the sport’s national governing body, US Lacrosse exists to develop lacrosse while preserving its integrity. The organization employs Lacrosse Magazine to communicate to its members and the greater lacrosse community philosophies and policies designed to ensure lacrosse’s growth in a manner that reflects US Lacrosse’s mission and vision. Articles and advertisements in apparent conflict with the organization’s mission and vision are subject to review and action by an Editorial Review Board. The magazine predates the organization, having been owned and published by the former Lacrosse Foundation from 1978 to the 1998 inception of US Lacrosse.

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