April 29, 2010

You Make the Call: Season Two, Week Six


Tell us what call you would make and post your comments below. Then, check back next week to see if our expert officials agreed with you.

Watch the video above. What call would you make?
Flag first contact by defender; at second contact, whistle play dead; put defender 4 meters behind
Whistle first contact as major foul; put defender 4 meters behind
Allow first contact; whiste second contact as major foul; put defender 4 meters behind
Whistle, stop clock and card on second contact as dangerous play; send defender off with no sub for three minutes.

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You Make the Call

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About the Series

"You Make the Call" is a series produced by the US Lacrosse Officials Training Program to help clarify some of the trickier calls in lacrosse. Check back to Lacrosse Magazine Online (www.laxmagazine.com) weekly for new installments.

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