April 27, 2010

Wildcat Unleashed: Katrina Dowd's Trick Shots

Jump-Through to Behind-the-Back Twizzler

•    Start your approach from the 12-meter arc.
•    Lead with a stutter step.
•    Pull your stick down to hip level and parallel to the ground.
•    Jump over the stick like a jump rope, landing with the stick behind your back, but parallel to the ground.
•    Backpedal to the crease.
•    Rotate your top hand out and flick a backhanded shot into the top right corner.

One-Handed Behind-the-Back Dodge to Behind-the-Back Shot

•    Start your dodge from the 12-meter arc.
•    Invert your stick, cradling with the ball just above ground level, like walking a dog.
•    Start with it in your right hand, plant your right foot and transfer the stick to your left hand behind your back.
•    Plant your left foot, bring your stick back up in front of your body and transfer it back to your right hand.
•    With your momentum carrying you to the right of the cage, finish with a behind-the-back shot.

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