October 21, 2009

Your Game: Ding Dong, the Dodger's Dead (Video)

by Matt DaSilva | Lacrosse Magazine Online Staff

Fresh from the October issue of Lacrosse Magazine, Toronto Nationals and U.S. training team defenseman Joe Cinosky demonstrates the ding-dong check, an alternative to
the over-the-head check.

Scroll down for LM's step-by-step breakdown of the check. (Don't get the mag? Join US Lacrosse and its 300,000-plus members today to start your subscription.)

1. Set it up with a standard over-the-head check.
When the attackman dodges with one hand, bait him with a few whacks to his protective forearm, maintaining topside stick position. He’ll hang his stick. When his cradling motion reaches the furthest point from his body, bring your stick over his head — butt end pointed to the sky — and come down on his hands or stick in a sweeping motion to dislodge the ball. Be careful not to strike the opponent’s body.

2. Repeat.
Whether successful or not — and as long as it does not jeopardize your base defense — throw a few more over-the-head attempts on the ensuing possession.

3. Next possession: bait like you’re going over his head again.
Use the same sequence as above, but reach up only halfway with your stick. With the last possession’s yard sale still fresh in his mind, the attackman is likely to tuck his stick forward when you bring your stick over his head. “He’s going to think I’m doing it again,” Cinosky says. Au contraire.

4. Ding Dong!
When the attackman cheats forward with his stick, reverse the direction of the check, come down in front of his facemask and check his hands or stick to dislodge. “Throw it like a windshield wiper,” Cinosky says, “and take the ball.”

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