December 8, 2009

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Video: Rob Scherr on Goalie Play with Ball at X

by Matt DaSilva | Lacrosse Magazine Online Staff

When playing the ball behind the goal as a goalkeeper, it's all about positioning. With proper spacing and angles, says US Lacrosse sponsorship manager and two-time MLL all-star Rob Scherr, you'll neutralize the threat.

Never stand directly on the goal line. Instead, stand 1-2 yards above the goal line to give you room to maneuver and react to a potential feed up top.

Wherever the ball goes, mirror its position. If directly at X, stand in the center of the crease. You're far enough from each pipe to react to a feed.

If the ball carrier moves to back left or back right, cut the field in half with an imaginary line perpendicular to the goal line. Plant your pivot foot on that line and square your body to the ball carrier. If he's back left, for example, move to your right. "It's a quick, easy step to any direction," Scherr says. "I'm in my stance, and I should be in good position."

Step to Pipe

With the ball carrier behind, you must play him as a feeder.

But only to a certain point.

When he gets about two yards from GLE, the feeder becomes a dodger and is a threat to score a goal.

Step off your pivot foot and extend to the near pipe, hugging it as the ball carrier turns the corner.

Don't lower your stick en route. It's important that no matter where hte ball carrier is, you remain in your stance with your stick in ready position. "You never want to relax as a goalie," Scherr says, "because all it takes is a quick feed from behind for a shot right on the crease, and you're going to get burned."

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