posted 02.04.2014 at 4.38 p.m. by Jac Coyne

RIT Alumni Group Raises the Bar in Division III

At every college and in every sport, there are alumni groups. It's a way to keep former players engaged and a means to raise some extra cash for new uniforms, travel expenses and sundry outlays. Most alums have jobs, so they'll come back for the annual alumni game, cut a check to the program, and wear their t-shirt proudly.

The RIT group, who are on Twitter as "RITlaxAluminati" have become a little more invested. They produced an epic image to spark interest in the upcoming national championship rematch between the Tigers and Stevenson. Behold:

This is truly an alumni group ready to go the extra mile for its alma mater. I can only hope that others follow suit in various ingenious ways.

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