March 26, 2015

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Inside the April Edition of Lacrosse Magazine


From the Editor: The Day I Got Cut

by Matt DaSilva

If you're unfamiliar, the butterfly effect is the hypothesis that a butterfly flapping its wings in one part of the world could, through a chaotic sequence of interconnectivity, create a massive storm in another. When I was cut from my high school team, it started such a sequence that led me to where I am today.

Her Space: Avoiding the Freshman Slump

by Kate Hickman

You want to play college lacrosse at a top-end program? Being one of the best on the field is only a part of that battle - if you want to play in college, you've got to hit the books, and hit them early in your time, given the earlier timeline of recruiting these days.

His Space: They Can't Help Themselves

by Bill Tanton

The two big problems in lacrosse these days involve the game going early - scheduling key contests while winter still roars, and recruiting too-young players. How can we fix these problems when college coaches are in a constant race to the bottom?

Boyle Point: The Cold, Hard Facts

by Ryan Boyle

Watching lacrosse in New York while still frost-bound, Ryan Boyle has some thoughts on the early start to the season, and how lacrosse can work towards a more consistent scheduling model to benefit its student-athletes.


The Luck of the Irish

The club of NCAA champions is a cosy one, and new memberships are rarely available - but Notre Dame seems on the verge of breaking through, and players like "King of Clutch" Matt Kavanagh and "Wow Factor" Courtney Fortunato could be the key.

by Matt White 

In the Shadow of Legends

Gary Gait and Regy Thorpe gave their firstborns back to Syracuse, hoping to add another NCAA championship to the storied Orange tradition. How are Taylor Gait and Ella Thorpe building on their fathers' legacies while hoping to start some new traditions on the women's side for the Orange?

by Megan Schneider

Here We Go

A look into the crystal ball for the Major League Lacrosse season, which kicks off on April 12th. CBS Sports' Evan Washburn and LM beat writer Phil Shore break down the power rankings and prognosticate the top players for the upcoming year. Can New York shine with the Paul Rabil/Rob Pannell duo? Will Denver defend its crown? What will happen in Florida when Lyle Thompson arrives?

by Phil Shore and Evan Washburn

A Dream Becomes a Reality in Ohio

The US Lacrosse First Stick Program played a key role in helping the Lutheran West boys' lacrosse program get off the ground. The Longhorns begin their first varsity season in 2015.

by Brian Logue

Virginia All-America attacker Courtney Swan teaches our readers how to 'go fish' for goals. (Matt Riley) 


Team USA

Nikki Ortega relives the agonizing moments leading up to the U19 team's selection (and how she managed to get on the squad from the far-end of Centerreach, N.Y.), while Miranda Ibello answers four questions.

Lifestyles: On the Home Front

A Colgate lacrosse legend, you may also know Bob Woodruff as the ABC News anchor injured by a roadside bomb while reporting in Iraq. Megan Schneider flips the script on the veteran reporter and interviews him in this month's Q&A.

Your Edge

Be the best - whether player, coach or official - with a bevy of tips at the back of the book. This month, we learn how to break-down defenders by getting into their heads (and then back-door cutting them) from UVa's Courtney Swan, how to split dodge from the master Mark Millon, keeping practice exciting from Boys' Latin coach in waiting Brian Farrell and keeping your head in the game while in stripes from Gordon Corsetti.

Give and Go

Sassy in cheetah print and drawing inspiration from a combination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Aubrey Hepburn, Denver's Goalie Hannah Hook answers our (and your) questions.

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